Monday, September 1, 2014

September Theme Day : Rust and Ruin

One would think that, since I usually always have 
my little camera with me, in either my tote 
or a pocket, that I would have a nice picture 
for today's monthly theme, Rust and Ruin.
I don't. 
I amble through my days, working a bit, 
swimming, taking pictures as the images 
present themselves, all in an effort to 
avoid some degree of my own "rust and ruin."
So here is a rain-soaked ground light,
missing its stainless steel rim. 
Filled with water and debris, the light's
rust-colored seal does it's best to keep 
the light from shorting out.
Or, um, from going to ruin, as it were.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Installation: A Room

A Room, an installation by Cambodian artist, 
Sopheap Pich, has been on view 
this summer at the main entrance of the 
Indianapolis Museum of Art.
Suspended from the ceiling, the circular
enclosure is made from strips of bamboo, 
aluminum, plastic, polyethylene 
braided line, and Teflon floss. 

Each bamboo strand, thirty-seven feet in length, 
was shaved and shaped by the artist's 
assistants after being cured in boiling water 
to remove any insects. As people moved in and out 
of the enclosure, a metallic ring could be heard
when one of the aluminum strands sang its protest.
It reminded me of the chimes many folks
had on their front porches, tinkling atonal choruses
in the summer breezes. 

The effect of A Room then, is not exactly from 
its physical presence, but what it may make 
the individual see in its surroundings. 
For me, it was the shadows made by the curtain 
as the sunlight filtered through the strands, 
and the occasional metallic ping that recalled 
the pleasant chimes of my childhood.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Paint Brushes the Sky

The Indianapolis Museum of Art held a block party 
on Friday to unveil artist Roy Lichtenstein's 
five-part sculpture, Five Brushstrokes.

People of all ages came to see the latest addition 
to the Dudley and Mary Louise Sutphin Mall. 
The sculpture, designed in 1983-1984,
and fabricated in 2012, was a gift to the museum
by the Lichtenstein Foundation, with assistance from
the Robert L. and Marjorie J. Mann Fund.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Flower in the Rock

Near the entrance to the River Walk, 
someone had placed a sunflower in a hole in one 
of the limestone blocks lining the way.
The idea of a "flower in the rock"
reminded me of a song title, gospel I think,
and certainly not the one that a search
of You Tube gave me.
But I liked "Flower through the Rock"
despite the fact I couldn't understand a word
of the Korean lyrics. The song was written
for a Korean television drama, I think,

For me, the melody just seemed to suit 
the notion of a romantic story behind 
someone placing a flower in the rock.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stolen Moment

At the west entrance to the River Walk, 
I saw this young woman 
taking pictures and texting a friend.
It was a stolen moment of quiet and privacy
for her, which I felt I'd "stolen" myself.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Waiting Out the Storm

The day was one of muggy heat, 
ninety degrees in the shade.
I went to join a dozen or so other people
to swim at the Natatorium and was happy
to jump into the cool water.
Afterwards, the contrast between the
heavy humidity of the outdoors 
and that of the pool was marked.

 Not long after I got to the bus stop 
at Eskenazi Health, the clouds
rolled in with heavy winds and
drenching rain. Several folks and I
waited out the storm under the bus shelter,
enjoying the late summer lightning
and thunder.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Awk! Wildlife Encounter!

Yeh. Well, whatever.
I was looking for herons and enough turtles to 
populate the logs as if they were a city.
No such luck.
I got a fluttery little butterfly
and one big-ass turtle.

The shell reminded me of the back end
of a Duesenberg automobile
wearing a school girl's pleated skirt.

The above photo, from the Auburn Cord Duesenberg
Automobile Museum, is licensed through
the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.