Monday, January 1, 2018

When You Give the Kids Your Camera: Biscuit

Meet Biscuit, the stuffed toy puppy I gifted to
one of my grandnephews, Lennex, on Christmas.
The pictures were taken by my grandniece, 
Kinley, who had asked to use my camera 
on Thanksgiving, then again on
Christmas Eve

I somehow think I am the one
who has received the best gifts:
the little boy quickly adopted the toy
into his heart, and the little girl has found
a new outlet for her interest
in art and drawing 

Monday, November 20, 2017

An Early Thanksgiving

Generally, my extended family gathers 
on Thanksgiving at one of three residences.
 This year, because of conflicting schedules, 
we met this past weekend at the
"party barn" belonging 
to my brother's sister-in-law. 
All together, there were about twenty-four 
adults and children milling about in the heated 
confines of the old, re-purposed barn, 
just on the other side of walls that house 
a dark brown donkey, several pregnant goats,
and a flock of chickens.

The kids, all ten and under, took over one
of the tables for their activities.
These involved a vast array of colorful markers,
glitter, and cut paper.

My nephew Cyril, checks his messages 
while his youngest daughter, Maggie,
munches a marshmallow.

Here my brother, Doug, and sister-in-law, 
Fran, watch the proceedings 
with their granddaughter, Tallulah. 
We were preparing for our annual
holiday picture, taken with each of
us wearing a silly Christmas hat.
Afterwards, one of my grandnieces,
Kinley, made a project of stacking as many
of the hats as she could on her uncle Joseph.
The result is shown in the first picture.
It reminds me of artist Nick Cave's

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fall Colors

Even at night, autumn color in Indiana has been beautiful.
Standing at the bus stop on New York Street,
looking across towards the library, the trees stand in rows of red, 
while the sunset shown on the oranges and golds
of the tree-lined street to the east.
My favorite, however, has been the array
of color surrounding a tree just outside the journalism
building. The frosted glass of the windows
make the color seem as though muted by fog.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Cosmetology Student

I was on my way downtown a few weeks ago, 
when I was joined on the bus by a woman who was 
on her way home from her cosmetology classes 
a block or so from the bus stop.
Under her arm, she carried a mannequin
head on which she practices all the
techniques she's learning at school. 
The heads are de rigueur for all students,
but this is the first one I'd seen
that is male. I've always been a bit startled by
the heads. Some are carried in totes,
others in backpacks, but this one was
being carried under the young woman's arm.
one half of his head shorn,
the other with his black hair
 flitting in the breeze. 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Long Time, No Post. Well ... Duh

A Facebook page I like is devoted to 
the works of cartoonist Gary Larson.
One admirer posted the above Far Side panel 
the other night, which prompted me to think, 
"Fppft! I see that every day I go to work!"
I stopped at the intersection yesterday to take pictures.
Here it is ---

Where Washington crosses Delaware 24/7
and has for many years.

Washington Street, which runs east/west through 
Downtown Indianapolis. is a part of the old US Route 40.
Delaware Street, one of a number of local 
streets named for states, runs north/south, about 
two blocks east of Meridian Street. 
The intersection of Meridian and Washington 
serve to mark the center of the state,
known for years as 
"The Crossroads of America." 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The First of a New Year: My Best

I really didn't have a photo I thought of as my best.
This photo was taken last month, on a cold day.
There were dead hosta, lying gold and 
translucent in their beds. 
Then I turned to see one bright rose,
shining brightly as the late afternoon sun 
heated the limestone block, 
and chill breezes froze everything 
else to the ground.

Sunday, November 6, 2016


Looking like some odd portrait for a family
of circus acrobats, these chairs are stacked in a backyard
on Indy's Old Northside neighborhood.
The neighborhood is made up of numerous homes
in various stages of restoration, renewal,
and remodeling.

These pictures were taken Wednesday evening
as I walked a couple blocks from 
the bus stop to the Indiana Landmarks Center.
At one corner, a contractor who obviously
 took pride in his work, had embedded
a small plaque in a sidewalk he had installed.
While I couldn't find information
related to the sidewalks in this neighborhood,
Mr. Foster was responsible for the
construction of sidewalks, about a half
mile away, in July of 1893.
Here, nearly 125 years later, the quality
of the man's work is still apparent
in that it is still in use.