Wednesday, November 25, 2020

"Holes" and "Lilies"

This installation is "Holes" by Chicago-based artist, Anders Hurwald Ruhwald. Every few years, the museum commissions a new installation for the main entry, of which this is the most recent.

This installation is a doormat. Found in the breezeway at the front entrance, I thought it a precursor to the circles of "Holes" to be seen just beyond, in the museum lobby.

This installation, now located at the back entrance to Newfields, near the Toby Theatre, is one of the earlier commissions displayed in the main lobby. Windows in the lobby have been covered with colored film. The glass panels turn in the circulating air, reflecting the colors, which are based on the palette used by Claude Monet when painting his series of "Water Lilies". 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Winter Is Coming

 The Winter Solstice will take place in the Northern Hemisphere on Monday, December 21st. In Indianapolis the Solstice will happen at 5:02 a.m. EST.
I know that only because I looked it up.
If we all work together, set our clocks for the time, we can be awake to hear winter creaking through our front doors, stirring a bit of frost in the air, and putting extra chill in our joints.
To me, it is a reminder that, after the Solstice has cast itself on the land, the days begin to lengthen, leaning towards the flowers of Spring, and the warmth of Summer suns.   

Monday, November 23, 2020

Christmas in August

 When I visited Newfields in August, I found the museum's electricians, technicians, arborists, and gardeners hard at work. They were beginning the installation of the annual Winterlights exhibit that opened to the public November 21st, 2020 and runs through until January 3rd, 2021.
There was so much shade under the tree in the top photo that I was able to get a shot showing its glimmering little lights. In August these lights made me think of fireflys; in winter I'm sure they'll look like glittering stars in a clear night sky.


Saturday, November 21, 2020

Bright and Colorful

The holiday season at Newfields* is marked by the museum's presentation of Winterlights, a decorative light show using over a million-and-a-half lights to create displays. One of the few displays that can be enjoyed during daylight hours is this Christmas tree, made up of re-purposed little kids' toys.

My favorite part of the tree was the topper.

Made up of pool noodles, the topper reminds me of old Sputnik more than it does a star.

Again, this is a plastic tree, made up of children's toys that are very likely to be discarded not long after they are received. I think it serves as a prescient warning of how much waste we create.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Purple, Chartreuse, and A Slash of Red

 The way that busy-body bit of red danced in 
to flit around the purple and chartreuse 
leaves caught my eye.
 "Here comes an analogous in to dive-bomb 
a couple complementarys!" 
"Zoom!" "Pow!"
The green leaves? Neutral observers.

Not Dishwasher Safe: A Very Large Feather Leaves Bowl

 This beautiful piece was created by Japanese artist Hitomi Hosono in 2018, and acquired by Newfields in 2019. The artist is inspired by nature she sees in Japan and England, where she has a studio. The bowl, about 11 inches in diameter, is made of porcelain leaves that were all molded, carved, and arranged by hand. Hosono spent a month working on the bowl, which then had to dry for fourteen months before it could be fired.