Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Night Patterns

At night, the different kinds of lights
add interest to the windows of buildings 
on the IUPUI campus, revealing 
patterns in the structures of otherwise 
mundane rectangles.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Around Here, the Pigeons Dress for Work

Life has even gotten harder for the local pigeons.
All day, the sounds of attacking falcons are played
from the top of the federal court building.
At night, DNR agents often can be seen, shooting
large caliber pistols filled with blanks
into the air to scare away roosting "pest birds."
At least one pair of falcons reside atop 
one of the Downtown Indy buildings, 
from which they hunt their favorite meal -- 
squab on the wing.
Consequently, some of the pigeons,
in an effort to blend in, have adopted camouflage,
dressing like the humans they see every day.
They've even found themselves welcome in grocery
stores, which have recently reported that the
otherwise unappetizing white bread has, for some
reason, begun to "fly off the shelves."

Pigeon Business was one of the many amusing
participants in Art in Odd Places, which took place
in Indy on Friday and Saturday. A trio from
Know No Stranger performed their "winged rat"
antics for passers-by -- spreading crumbs,
exploring trash, and running away at the
slightest hint of danger.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Time Passes When You're Having Fun

The installation shown in these photos was just one part 
of a Downtown event this past Friday and Saturday,
Called Swarming Time, the clocks were intended
by artist Jagrut Laval to represent a life force
struggling to maintain itself within an urban environment.
With the hour hands removed, the clocks showed
the seconds ticking by in our present.

I had seen the artist in the process of installing
his piece on the corner of a hotel located
just off Monument Circle; at the time there were
only hundreds of pieces of black tape
being adhered to the limestone facade of
the building. When I returned late Friday morning,
people were stopping to gaze in wonder at the clocks,
as well as a number of other exhibits
staged on Market Street, between 
Monument Circle and the City Market.

Art in Odd Places was full of insight and silliness,
qualities this city needs more of.
I hope we have more of these events in our future. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dashed Lines, One With Selfie

On Friday, I went to the Ivy Tech University admissions 
office to inquire about taking classes.
I want to update my computer graphics skills, 
learn to put together websites, and to improve 
my design skills to compete in a more 
contemporary market.
There aren't many jobs available that
interest me at all; all I want to do
is art, photography, and river history related.
There are often jobs available with organizations
involved in those fields. I want one, so ...
back to school. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Oh, Good Grief ...*

Other than the varied shades of yellow, 
what excited me most about this image 
was the contrast between the comparatively 
straight edge made by the last painter, 
and the squiggly edge made
by the earlier painter.
Pure fucking genius.

*Sometimes I get so excited about 
small things that I'd probably chase 
a red laser dot around the room.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Drizzly Night

This may easily be one of the more F'd up pictures
 I've ever taken, but I don't care. I like it.
What started out to be an image of four cyclists, 
possibly delivery men for a couple 
of the nearby restaurants, became a layered 
image showing the intersection 
of three separate stories, not one.
From the inside, there's me reflected in
the Starbucks' window, the tan and green plaid
of my jacket showing faintly at the corner.
Then there's the shopper passing through
the scene, a shallow blur of anonymity, 
while the four men chat among themselves 
near the bicycle stand.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Blue and Gold

Looking across the plaza outside 
the IUPUI Library, the Marriott hotel 
reflects sun and clouds,
adding color to the otherwise 
overcast day.