Monday, September 15, 2014

Early Morning Light

It was chilly when I got downtown 
early Saturday morning. I pulled my jacket closer 
around me as I walked over to Starbucks, 
a couple blocks away.
On the way, I saw these lighted flowers,
glowing with color against the gray morning.
When I came back an hour later,
the bright, happy flowers were gone, replaced
by purple cabbages.
Even though the calendar told me fall
was just about a week away,
the nurserymen digging away in the giant pots, 
confirmed that colder weather is near.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Strike A Pose!

When I returned downtown Saturday from swim practice, 
I happened to see the entire Purdue University 
All-American Marching Band 
had been gathered for their official photo. 
The site was the south side
of the Indiana War Memorial, 
just about the only place with enough stairs 
to accommodate this large band. 

I watched the proceedings with a number of other 
interested on-lookers, as the band director 
(Of course, it was! Who else?) 
arranged this group of people to his liking; 
with each move he made, you could see the improvements 
in the spacing and line-up of musicians, dancers, 
baton twirlers, drum majors -- 
"Trumpets, I want each of you to move two spaces 
to stage right to fill in the line." 
"Flutes, I need for you to step down one row." 
"Dancers, I want you to move towards the center, 
taking out the two benches on the ends." 
Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

And then, "Strike a pose!"
The musicians held up their instruments, 
the baton twirlers smiled prettily in their sparkly outfits,
the drum majors looked officious, 
the dancers turned their knees towards the center, 
the flag bearers got the breeze to hold 
their colors aloft, and the World's Largest
Drum was the center of it all.

Here is a YouTube video of a Purdue AAMB 
pre-game performance

Saturday, September 13, 2014

In the Library

It's a quiet place,
but it speaks to me.
When I was little,
time in the library was
an adult privilege, 
one I first enjoyed
when I got my very own
library card, when 
I was five or six.
A few months ago,
I got a card for the Herron
School of Art Library.
I felt the way I did when
I got my first card.
The words and the pictures
showing the artists' 
works and their lives
are all murmuring ...
inviting me into their world,
helping me to shape my own.
And this simple arrangement 
on a side table added
to the welcome.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

9-11: Still. Pissed. Off.

There's nothing suitable.
Nothing sad enough.
Never anything angry enough.
However solemn, 
silence does not fix it.
Hate does not replace the people lost that day.
It does not take away the lies told 
by people who used
that evil attack to further their own ends.
It does not bring back the people who've been 
sacrificed to avenge this deed.
If anything, we seem to be even more hated 
than we were then.
So many others have not.
Make no mistake,
I. Am. Pissed.

Purple Strand

As the sun began to dip behind the main entrance
of the Indianapolis Museum of Art,
someone seemed ready to make their entrance;
This strand of purple blooms stood tall 
above their green leaves, like an amethyst necklace 
set off against a dark green gown.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

IMA Model

It hasn't yet been two weeks 
since the Indianapolis Museum of Art welcomed
Roy Lichtenstein's sculpture, Five Brushstrokes 
to the Sculpture Garden on the east lawn.
As I was leaving, I saw that one of the pieces
was already being used as the backdrop
for a fashion photo session. 

Families were all about, many with small children 
in strollers, happily exploring the grounds, 
and taking the time to lounge under 
the tree-lined promenade.
On one of the park benches, I saw 
the model's accouterments, 
shopping bags full of fashionable clothing
and her own, neatly folded and piled.

The nice young woman taking the pictures 
told me her name was Evelyn Binkley, 
while the pretty model's name 
was Ciera. I doubt I've spelled their
names correctly because I didn't
write either down until after 
I left the Museum grounds. My bad.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Big Leaves

I love big leaves.
I enjoy standing under them to see how the sun 
shows their structure and creates designs 
where they overlap.

These are mottled, whereas others 
are solid green. I am used
to the emerald shades of the solid leaves
but these are, well, topaz and
other glorious shades the names of
which I can't recall.