Sunday, August 31, 2014

Installation: A Room

A Room, an installation by Cambodian artist, 
Sopheap Pich, has been on view 
this summer at the main entrance of the 
Indianapolis Museum of Art.
Suspended from the ceiling, the circular
enclosure is made from strips of bamboo, 
aluminum, plastic, polyethylene 
braided line, and Teflon floss. 

Each bamboo strand, thirty-seven feet in length, 
was shaved and shaped by the artist's 
assistants after being cured in boiling water 
to remove any insects. As people moved in and out 
of the enclosure, a metallic ring could be heard
when one of the aluminum strands sang its protest.
It reminded me of the chimes many folks
had on their front porches, tinkling atonal choruses
in the summer breezes. 

The effect of A Room then, is not exactly from 
its physical presence, but what it may make 
the individual see in its surroundings. 
For me, it was the shadows made by the curtain 
as the sunlight filtered through the strands, 
and the occasional metallic ping that recalled 
the pleasant chimes of my childhood.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Paint Brushes the Sky

The Indianapolis Museum of Art held a block party 
on Friday to unveil artist Roy Lichtenstein's 
five-part sculpture, Five Brushstrokes.

People of all ages came to see the latest addition 
to the Dudley and Mary Louise Sutphin Mall. 
The sculpture, designed in 1983-1984,
and fabricated in 2012, was a gift to the museum
by the Lichtenstein Foundation, with assistance from
the Robert L. and Marjorie J. Mann Fund.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Flower in the Rock

Near the entrance to the River Walk, 
someone had placed a sunflower in a hole in one 
of the limestone blocks lining the way.
The idea of a "flower in the rock"
reminded me of a song title, gospel I think,
and certainly not the one that a search
of You Tube gave me.
But I liked "Flower through the Rock"
despite the fact I couldn't understand a word
of the Korean lyrics. The song was written
for a Korean television drama, I think,

For me, the melody just seemed to suit 
the notion of a romantic story behind 
someone placing a flower in the rock.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stolen Moment

At the west entrance to the River Walk, 
I saw this young woman 
taking pictures and texting a friend.
It was a stolen moment of quiet and privacy
for her, which I felt I'd "stolen" myself.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Waiting Out the Storm

The day was one of muggy heat, 
ninety degrees in the shade.
I went to join a dozen or so other people
to swim at the Natatorium and was happy
to jump into the cool water.
Afterwards, the contrast between the
heavy humidity of the outdoors 
and that of the pool was marked.

 Not long after I got to the bus stop 
at Eskenazi Health, the clouds
rolled in with heavy winds and
drenching rain. Several folks and I
waited out the storm under the bus shelter,
enjoying the late summer lightning
and thunder.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Awk! Wildlife Encounter!

Yeh. Well, whatever.
I was looking for herons and enough turtles to 
populate the logs as if they were a city.
No such luck.
I got a fluttery little butterfly
and one big-ass turtle.

The shell reminded me of the back end
of a Duesenberg automobile
wearing a school girl's pleated skirt.

The above photo, from the Auburn Cord Duesenberg
Automobile Museum, is licensed through
the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I Lichen Moss

The buses were on detour this morning. 
I missed my connection to make it to swimming practice 
at the Riviera Club, so spent the morning downtown, 
walking along the Canal and River Walk.
Of course, I took a gazillion pictures; I particularly
wanted some of turtles, but except for one determined
fella, there were neither turtles nor herons in sight.

The colors of the lichen and mosses on the
trees and limestone along River Walk
seemed subtle, complimenting each other in
a range of color that reminded me more 
of Fall than of late summer.
But then, autumn is just about a month away.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Five Yellows, Maybe More

It seems that Mark Rothko, Ad Reinhardt, Josef Albers 
and Hans Hoffman had a bit of eternal time 
on their hands the other day and, for whatever reason, 
decided to collaborate in the painting 
of this wall, one of the stalls at the car wash 
near where I work.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Apres Swim

Some nights, after I swim, all I want is a turkey burger 
from Punch, on East Ohio Street.
This turkey burger had a ring of crisp
cheddar and spicy "Ghost Jack" cheeses melted
onto and around it. I'm sorry I didn't
think to take a picture of my sandwich when
it was pretty and tidy. That's something
called Asian slaw in the little cup,
with a glass of sweet, red wine to the left.
All the foods are locally sourced, the craft beer 
comes from local brewers and the wine
from area vineyards.
Tain't fancy, but it's just fine

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Working Towards the Channel. Maybe.

Start here.
Pushing off the wall,
already reaching
for the other end,
150 feet away.
I turn to breathe,
looking over my shoulder
to see my arm emerge
from the water,
to begin again,
sort of like
the instructions
on a shampoo bottle --
"Rinse. Repeat."
The water is cool,
but feels warmer 
the more I move in it,
enveloping me,
surrounding me,
embracing me,
supporting me,
holding me away from
its own dangers.
It began innocently enough,
about a year ago;
Can I make one length 
of this pool?
This place where Olympic 
champions have churned
records into the waters?
Now, I ask my coach for more.
A hundred meters,
then two hundred, then four,
lately two thousand meters, 
hoping to get strong,
feeling my assurance grow.
Now, along with the miles,
I want to do more, 
to become
One more lap. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Near Speedway: Ad Reinhardt

While many other artists have made black paintings,
the first one I thought of when I saw these
 shiny black marks on the pavement 
was Ad Reinhardt. An Abstract Expressionist,
Reinhardt was intensely sensitive to 
subtle variations of color.
When his exhibition of black paintings 
was first shown at the Museum of Modern Art
in 1963, patrons were shocked.  
The artist explained,
"There is a black which is old
and a black which is fresh.
Lustrous black and dull black,
black in sunlight and black in shadow."*
It is fairly safe to say that old and fresh black, 
along with lustrous and dull,
can be found in the above picture.

Abstract Painting. Oil on canvas, 1963.
Gift of Mrs. Morton J. Hornick to
the Museum of Modern Art, New York 
*The notes above were adapted from the Museum of Modern Art website.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Nature Does A Chihuly

Ever since I was introduced to the works 
of glass artist Dale Chihuly
I can't help think of his work whenever 
I see an object having an edge 
of a contrasting color.
The leaves on the decorative plant
is just such an example.
Yeh, yeh, yeh, Nature may have done it
first, but the leaves did recall
the bowls shown below;
with numerous examples to choose from,
it's almost inevitable I would find
a set of green baskets having
contrasting lips, but whether they're
purple, blue, or black, I can't tell.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Portrait of the Bus Driver: Probably About the Fourth

On this mid-August morning, at about a quarter of seven, 
the sky was full of a pink and lavender sunrise.
As the bus headed east along Tenth Street,
I loved the sight of the lights against 
the morning's curtain of clouds. 
Summer is going away, but the sunrise 
it brought was a joy. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Yellow with Gray Triangle

Cracks and spaulding developed in the curbing near where I work.
Workmen came out a month or so ago to make repairs,
They semi-carefully cut the damaged concrete curbing away
with diamond-tipped saw blades, then filled the
resulting gash with of mending concrete.
Here, against the older and new bits of yellow paint,
the triangle helps to create both a bit of tension
and attention for a bit of curbside art.
The repaired bit shown below was done
several years ago. The workmen either realized 
the triangle would make a stronger repair,
or that two cuts only made for
a quicker job, requiring less work. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Morning Light: Yellow and Blue

Wednesday morning came up bright, clear, 
and utterly beautiful. I looked around to find 
this new angle showing the Federal Court Building, 
shining yellow and blue, gorgeous 
in the light of the new day.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Sun Wedges In

Earlier this evening, around eight p.m., 
the sun's light bounced off the Old National Bank
building, then careened down Ohio Street,
where it shown brightly, a brilliant wedge determined
to illuminate the street in one last flurry
before dipping behind the horizon.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Yellow Triangle

At the south end of the driveway near work 
is a stark little building, a car wash.
Cement block with brick facing, it's a bit down at heel, 
just like the surrounding neighborhood,
but it's earning it's keep; there frequently are two 
or three cars being washed as I pass by in the morning,
with that same amount later when I leave.
This bay was empty when I walked through,
the morning light making a yellow wedge 
that attempted to brighten the dingy walls.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Study in Faded Khaki and Black

I've been stalking these delivery bays 
for quite a while.
I'd first seen them late one morning, 
when the shadow framing the left side 
was a bit broader.
Since then, it's been too overcast, 
too bleached out and flat, or other shapes 
blocked the view. Whatever.
The other day, I figured it was time;
I'd have wished for more shadow,
but this was as decent a composition I'd seen
since that long ago first sighting.
I just love all the rectangles and right
angles stacked upon each other.
And the color -- for me, the rusty splotch
balances the subtle order of the
boarded-up door on the right.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mauve-y Grace

In some places, these beautiful flowers inhabit 
only a small patch of a neighbor's yard.
However, other people love them as much as I do; 
the tall, slender stalks form an entire hedge row 
in some places, the delicately colored blooms 
mounting only the most spurious 
of defenses against intruders.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stray Silverware

It was after work. 
Another rainstorm had just begun 
as I entered the bus stop shelter
to wait for my ride.
I came to the fork in the road
and knew I must make a decision --
will I go to swim practice, knowing 
the downpour would likely
cause it to be canceled?
Or will I go around the corner
for the next bus home?
I waited another thirty minutes --
no bus, but plenty of rain.
Somebody came along to throw the fork
into the bushes, but my decision
had been made. I went home.
Sometimes, one just needs a little prod.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

From Out of the Doors They Streamed

I'd just missed the 7:30 bus to work and was walking 
a few blocks to catch one on a different route
when I was joined up with children, accompanied by their parents, 
all going more or less the same direction.
Monday was the first day of school and the children were 
on their way to an elementary school about a quarter mile away.
It was a reassuring scene; the parents showing their
kids the route, the "safe path" between home
and the school building. While this dad walked with his
two boys, one mom drove her SUV alongside
her son and daughter as they rode their bicycles
on the sidewalk. I know this because I'd heard the boy
calling out to me as he approached from behind,
with mom calling to him from the car,
"Say 'excuse me,' Jacob!"
"I did, Mom!" he said, and I nodded agreement.
Another year of learning, of learning one's
way from home to a new place.
Thankfully, in these cases, mom and dad
are there to help show the way,
a natural progression repeated over
the generations.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Art in Speedway: Tiffany, Maybe?

Standing beneath this catalpa tree on a summer afternoon,
I was reminded of the stained/colored glass lampshades 
created by Tiffany studios.
The leaves overlap just so, giving depth and contrast 
to the lovely green leaves that diffuse the sunlight.
the shady spot beneath the tree made it
the perfect place to have a picnic with a friend,
and for idle chatter while sipping lemonade.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


After a thunderstorm, I went outside for a walk.
The rain had presented me with a drawing,
a subtle gray composition on the heaved sidewalk
where straight and scribbly intersected
to balance each other.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Theme Day: Take Away @ The Flying Cupcake

Too many choices! Too many flavors!
I'll never work my way through all The Flying Cupcake 
has to offer. But I do like Happy Birthday to Me (Vanilla),
Red Velvet Elvis, Bananas Foster, KooKoo Krazy
for Coconut, and the little wedding cakes
that have a tiny sugar bridal couple atop each
(I like crunching down on the little couple).  

I visited after swimming earlier in the evening 
and went in to get a shot of the decor and, needless to say, 
some cupcakes. It was just about 15 minutes 'til closing 
and the selections had been picked over,
but there were still plenty indulgences awaiting 
just beyond the "shabby chic" decor.

As if four stores weren't temptation enough,
the bakery has two trucks, called Petunia and Penelope
who will come to your business, event, or party
to spread a little more of the pretty, cakey delights
throughout the Indy Area.
The Flying Cupcake isn't just a "take away" business,
it's one that brings the sweetness to your door.

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