Sunday, February 28, 2016

Gold and Silver

Whenever I see a different color reflected 
from the Federal Court House, I end up walking around, 
my eyes gazing upward, looking for a new angle.
It's the same ol' building I've frequently posted pictures
of over the years, but it's beauty fascinates me.

And Saturday was no different. 
Its limestone facade glowed in the gold
and silver lights reflected onto it 
by the windows of nearby office buildings.
I was smitten. and wandered around it
enthralled by its luminescence.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Spring Training

It will be just about a month until Spring rolls into Indy,
but Saturday gave us a preview in the form of sunny skies
and temperatures in the seventies.

People took every advantage of the unexpected warmth
by coming downtown to see the sights, to shop, and  to enjoy 
the company of other people doing exactly the same.

Whether it was folks people watching, enjoying their lunch 
or an ice cream cone on the steps of the Circle,
people took the time to speak with others.
They chatted with visitors from outside the city
while lined up on their Harleys near
the Hilbert Circle Theatre.

Others spent time practicing 
their skateboard skills on the plaza 
of the Regions Bank, watched by 
commuters waiting for their buses 
just across the street.

It may have been a month until Spring 
rolls around, but the people of Indy used 
the day well. I guess it could be 
called Spring training.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

In a Hurry

A week ago, the weather was bitterly cold,
with temperatures that included 
the dreaded "wind chill factor."
Saturday was a pleasant surprise for all. 
People who had been huddled inside their parkas 
were now enjoying the sun, 
taking in the sights downtown and lazing around 
Monument Circle. Definitely, everyone is
anticipating the coming of Spring,
in a hurry for the flowers and sunnier skies.

Also in a hurry was this couple.
Evidently they were running late for some
event. The young woman had removed
her strappy heels in order
to improve her speed and to reduce
her risk of injury.
Smart woman.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Frozen Tundra of an Asphalt Field

With January edging into February,
our winter weather has finally arrived, 
bringing below freezing winds that swept 
across the plains of area parking lots.
In the early morning dark,
people shuffled from their parked cars
into work, huddled and cringing 
from the blowing snow like so many
 shadowy proletariat, on their way to work
at one of the many cubicle farms
that make up our local employment scene.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Eagle and the Sparrow

While waiting for a bus home late Wednesday 
afternoon, a flock of sparrows flew to my feet. 
Cold and hungry, they didn't startle easily, 
but waited in anticipation of any crumbs that might
fall from my hand to their anxious beaks.

Unfortunately, I didn't have anything to offer them.
Another commuter approached,
startling the flock into flight, up onto the base
of a light stanchion just behind me.
While most of them huddled at the feet of cast iron 
eagles, one of them perched on the head
of one of the fierce-looking raptors,
making it look as though it was wearing
a big fluffy hat.