Saturday, February 20, 2016

In a Hurry

A week ago, the weather was bitterly cold,
with temperatures that included 
the dreaded "wind chill factor."
Saturday was a pleasant surprise for all. 
People who had been huddled inside their parkas 
were now enjoying the sun, 
taking in the sights downtown and lazing around 
Monument Circle. Definitely, everyone is
anticipating the coming of Spring,
in a hurry for the flowers and sunnier skies.

Also in a hurry was this couple.
Evidently they were running late for some
event. The young woman had removed
her strappy heels in order
to improve her speed and to reduce
her risk of injury.
Smart woman.


William Kendall said...

Fashionably dressed!

Anonymous said...

A record breaking high of 72 degrees F makes that possible.

Speedway said...

Yep, she was, indeed fashionably dressed, William. I think that, in addition to her dress, with her shoes in her hand and, possibly, a hair elastic, she only had on one other article of clothing. Only possible with 72 degree temps, 22bb. :-D