Saturday, August 9, 2014

Study in Faded Khaki and Black

I've been stalking these delivery bays 
for quite a while.
I'd first seen them late one morning, 
when the shadow framing the left side 
was a bit broader.
Since then, it's been too overcast, 
too bleached out and flat, or other shapes 
blocked the view. Whatever.
The other day, I figured it was time;
I'd have wished for more shadow,
but this was as decent a composition I'd seen
since that long ago first sighting.
I just love all the rectangles and right
angles stacked upon each other.
And the color -- for me, the rusty splotch
balances the subtle order of the
boarded-up door on the right.


William Kendall said...

A rather nice contrast between the two.

dive said...

Perfect shot, Speedway. Great composition, great light and an Andrew Wyeth colour palette. What's not to love?