Thursday, December 5, 2013

Red Dots

I love to see these berries each winter. 
Their bright orange-y red contrasted against 
the clear blue sky creates a visual dance 
for me as my gaze takes in the little orbs vibrating
in the breeze, foreground to back.
The winter birds love the berries, which provide
them with a source for food; as the winter progresses
they will gather in the trees, gorging on the tiny fruit.

As I took these pictures, I was caught up in how 
the berries' variation in size,
created by their distance from the lens 
made for a rhythmic composition, 
one that teased my eyes into following
their little shapes around the frame.
There is an artist, Yayoi Kusama, whose obsession 
with dots has resulted in a wide range of work
using polka dots as the theme. Who'da thought that
the humble dot could have such possibilities,
resulting in paintings, sculptures, and installations
the world over? In fact, the renowned French company,
Louis Vuitton, based a recent collection on 
Ms. Kusama's work, a promotional video 
for which is shown below.

After looking at the berries and Kusama's work, 
I find myself becoming more interested in the dots,
noticing them in the swarming trail of bubbles 
I swim in as I follow another swimmer in the pool
each night. Sometimes, they support me,
raising me up in the water, making it easier to swim.
Mostly though, they are a warning that I am getting 
a bit too close. Either way, they are my friends,
just as Yayoi Kusama's are hers.


Anonymous said...

Seeing the video, I remembered that back in Summer of 1975, I was surprised that some Amsterdam trams were covered in polka dots. More colorful than her bus, but then it still was the hippie era.

William Kendall said...

They add quite a dash of colour.

There are berries here that are still on the trees... I'd wondered the reason why.