Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Healing Vessel

Waves fall away

"I don' know what to do.
They told me he flat-lined twice on them

and the obscured is revealed,

an' they brought him back, but he's got brain damage
an' they want to take him off life support.

all that remains are our deeds,

That no-good daughter of his is in lock-up
an' I know she ain't signin' no papers.

cupped like hands for water:

And that fuckin' brother of his
that he don' get along with is somewhere
in fuckin' Wyoming and all he said was
'the hell with him."

a healing vessel.
                     -- Mitchel L.H. Douglas

While taking pictures of one of the new water features 
at Eskenazi Health, I happened to overhear 
a bit of phone conversation a woman was having.
about her very ill friend. She was asking
someone to come stay with her during what was
certainly a very difficult situation for her --
saying good-bye to someone she loved,
unable to get any support from his family.
The words in italics are incised 
at the base of this fountain.


William Kendall said...

Sad about that woman.

Lovely water features!

lin said...

you are a poet-- an observer-- a crafter of words an pictures..