Sunday, September 27, 2015


Last week, while on my search for pizza, I found another 
of  The Public Collection installations.
This one, called Topiary, is by sculptor Eric Nordgulen.

He intends it as a natural outgrowth of the
surrounding garden space, one that shows reading
"as another form of growth."

The tubular steel sculpture is located just off 
Washington Street at Virginia Avenue.
These installations, meant to promote literacy and the arts,
hope to provide books to people who may have 
difficulty gaining access to reading matter.
Research has found that, while middle class households
can average thirteen books per person, folks
in less well-off households have, on average,


William Kendall said...

Quite an unusual installation!

Anonymous said...

The challenge is that these households are not so likely to pick an "age appropriate book" from the Topiary and take it into their own households to improve the ratio.

Speedway said...

It is unusual, William, and very attractive! 22bb, I've seen all kinds of folks at least looking into the bookcases, but I'm not sure they know they can actually have a book or two for themselves. There are other installations at other sites, among them one at Eskenazi Health and another at a neighborhood service center.