Sunday, January 3, 2016

Theme Day 2016: Didn't Have Anything I Liked ...

...For the first day of the year, I couldn't think 
of a picture I was particularly fond of.
On my way to swim practice on December 30th,
I walked by the Chase Tower, almost abandoned
during the holiday week, to see this floorlamp 
shining through the window blinds.
Not only did I like the subdued lighting 
and shadows; the composition seemed to add
to the overall linear look of the alley,
with the blobs of fluorescent light echoing
the circles in the wrought-iron fencing.


William Kendall said...

Both shots stand out very well!

Anonymous said...

And what was the Theme?

Speedway said...
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Speedway said...

Thank you, William, and Happy New Year to you and your cat, as well as her two-legged servant.

Well, 22bb, the theme was to post whatever photo was one's best/favorite for the year. I didn't much care for any of them.