Sunday, May 1, 2016

Theme Day: Smell

The Theme for the first day of May is "Smell."
I posted another image of this same tree some weeks
ago showing its tiny buds against a background
of brown stucco. Since then, the flowers have come
and gone, too soon. All around, bunches of pansies
 have been planted in beds, against a background
of black mulch. Tulips have opened their
crowns to the sun and fallen away.
Today, hidden among the branches of its bush,
I saw the first rose opening, its aroma 
a promise still hidden amid the folds
of its petals. 
But I have smelled the rain,
those "April Showers" that bring
all the delicate colors I love so much.
And the scent of just-mowed grass
has wafted through the neighborhoods
in recent days as homeowners
wage a battle to keep their lawns from
turning into little jungles.