Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Certain Order

The waning ends of storm fronts that wreaked havoc
on other parts of the country, have made their presence 
known here. The river is a bit out of its banks
and the days are cloudy, promising more storms.
But out of the heat and rain, a certain order has appeared,
a blessing. I swam under gray skies tonight,
peppered by a light shower, and was happier than
I had been in weeks.
 Even though I have been unhappy with my 
progress of late, niggling aches and pains 
melted away with the harder work.
I got out of the pool, not even realizing I was
bleeding from an earlier encounter
with another swimmer's hand paddle,
(Just a little flesh wound honey! It's nothing!)
feeling both a bit tired and re-energized.

There's no accounting for the pleasure
just looking at you brings me.
Your broad shoulders and strong hands
speak of the power to protect and
of a thousand tender caresses.
You watch the younger women with
taut, firm bodies and curves,
inviting you to explore their secrets.
I am older, with secrets of my own to give,
shrouded in a body worn by the years,
and pale skin showing the map
to my heart. 
This heart, whose beat is strong and low,
quietly stoking a constant fire
 feeds a secret of its own --
I love you.

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William Kendall said...

Ominous skies, but very effective!