Monday, June 1, 2015

Stylin': A Gazillion Billion Million ...

Oh ... crickey (or words to that effect),
I completely forgot about the June Theme Day.
Well, no matter.
After all, nothing's more stylish than
three thousand or so bikers, all gathered 
to ride around Indy for a charitable event, 
the 22nd Annual Miracle Ride.

While this incarnation of the event began in 1994,
I remember other Miracle Ride gatherings in the 1980s.
Made up of motorcycle enthusiasts from a startling array 
of backgrounds, the volunteers raise money for
Riley Hospital for Children. The money is intended to treat
children with a wide array of illnesses and injuries.

This year, the cyclists met on Speedway's Main Street,
where the parked machines occupied over a half mile, from
16th Street down to 10th Street. Their owners attended
a party in a big tent, while others visited nearby 
restaurants and breweries.

As for the "stylin'" part, 
there definitely is a particular look:
Black leather and nylon, decorated with studs, 
zippers, and some fringe made up the
dominant theme, while sunglasses and bandanas
completed many ensembles.
There's no telling how many professional
folk have adopted this look,
but there could easily have been
at least one ex-governor among them.
(It's rumored that his little boot-clad
feet don't even touch the ground
when his 'cycle stops at intersections.)

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Merisi said...

Very stylish! :-)

EG CameraGirl said...

Works for me! ;)

Birdman said...

A good bike and leather chaps are hard to beat. Just stylin'.

Jane Hards Photography said...

I think we must have a lot in common. I'm from the land of Road Racing, and the Isle of Man TT is here now. I'm a sucker for a motorbike image. For me extremely stylish and beautifully captured. What a great named place you live in too.

Tanya Breese said...


Tanya Breese said...


William Kendall said...

I used to ride. I miss motorbikes. Great choice for the day!

lin said...

little feet...LOL!!!Love it!