Sunday, July 5, 2015

Zip Code Tour: In My Backyard

In the fifty years of their careers, I'd never seen either 
the Rolling Stones or any of the Beatles perform. 
When the Stones announced that they'd be playing 
the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 
I knew I could not pass it up; instead of being in 
some distant city, the band was going to be
 at what is practically my backyard.

When I went to the IMS ticket office on Friday,
I was told by the saleswoman that, while Mick would
be very small, there would be two large video screens 
that would project the concert. I was at least able to get
a spot front and center to the stage, after I arrived at the
track infield Saturday afternoon. Generally used for parking,
the area was covered in white rock. I wondered just how
my "Bronze" area was better than that of the "Silver"
area on the other side of the barrier. 
How were their white rocks an improvement 
over my own patch of gravel?
Other than proximity to the stage, there really was 
no difference. I put my blanket down, 
followed by my bum, and settled in for the duration.
I was glad I'd come early to claim a spot
because the areas became increasingly filled with spectators 
as the time for the Stones' appearance grew closer.

After two bands, Saint Valory and Rascal Flatts 
performed, the Rolling Stones took the stage to a burst 
of red fireworks, working the stage for
two hours, a performance that would have
been tiring for much younger men.
(There are no fat Stones, only flat ones.)
I've been to performances of other musicians
who basically could have mailed in their work.
Not so the Rolling Stones, who sang, played, danced,
and riffed their way through their set list.

Yeah, Mick and the boys were teeny, tiny 
figures from my viewpoint, but the music was grand.
IMS will listen to the grousing from the fans
 to make improvements for future concerts.

As for myself, I was satisfied.

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William Kendall said...

I find it astounding that Keith Richards is still around... maybe he's worked his way into an immunity by now with everything that's gone into his system.