Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Theme Day: Shop Windows - Why Stop at One?

When this particular Theme day appeared, 
the first shop I thought of was The Flying Cupcake.
I headed there to buy a couple of their treats
and then realized I was standing in the midst of
an entire block of shops, bars, and
restaurants that deserve attention.
From the inside of TFC, one can look outside
to see other sources for gifts and goodies
right across the street.

One of the most popular is Three Dog Bakery
that makes treats for the fur people
with whom we share our homes and lives.

Today's special was tempting,
even to me. Snickerdoodles are my
favorite cookie treat.

Back across the street, there is the Small Mall,
a narrow storefront that offers holiday and seasonal decor
in its entry way, tempting shoppers to explore what
turns out to be three floors of vintage furniture,
contemporary crafts and artwork. 

There are also offerings of mid-century
pieces for the home, as well as numerous items
to entertain the diverse tastes of one's 
families and friends.
(I found hand-knitted caps and mittens
that are both unique and cozy.)

Last but not least, I stopped in at
Mass Avenue Toys. They have stuff for the
smaller folks in our lives, more unique
and less commercial than the usual items purveyed
by the bigger stores. One can find gifts
that aren't too expensive, on up to what
seems to me to be rather pricey.
I like it there because they have toys to
encourage a child's intellect and creativity.
It's where I'll go to find some little 
things for my grandnieces and nephews
this Christmas.

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Susan Bauer said...

I agree! That's why you'll see more shop windows on my posts for the next week.

Susie of Arabia said...

What a fun post! I had no idea there were bakeries just for dogs. Snickerpoodles - I love it!

William Kendall said...

An eclectic mix of places. The cupcakes would definitely demand my attention!

Jim said...

Great post.

LOLfromPasa said...

The dog bakery shop caught my eye. Neat!