Monday, December 14, 2015

Splash 'n' Go-Go-Go

For over a month, production crews worked
at the IU Natatorium to prepare the pool for telecast of
People who come to swim at the Nat on a regular
basis were impressed by the "makeover."
Used to the somewhat stark functionality of the pool and
it's fluorescent and LED lighting, it was wonderful
to see it transformed by blue and sparkly lights.

The main competition pool, actually 50 meters
in length, is transformed during the winter
months by bulkheads to create two 25-meter pools. 
What I found intriguing was that crew members
had constructed stadium seating on/over 
the north end pool using portable dock elements
for the base. I wondered how the water displacement 
had been calculated: the section shown in the top picture
from the first railing on back is essentially an island
with seats for, I believe, 560 spectators.
The place was sold out. 

The pictures above and below were taken of 
the first event of the Thursday evening session, 
the Women's 400M Individual Medley.
Each young woman swam 100 meters each 
of four different strokes, opening with butterfly,
then backstroke and breaststroke, ending with freestyle. 
Points were awarded based on each competitor's 
result, with the winning team determined 
by which had the most points.

Swimming meets are loud, boisterous events.
Encouraged and abetted by booming, energetic music,
this one was no exception. People cheered 
on their favorites and were even more heartened
by close competition, such as that in the
Women's 400 Meter Medley Relay.

I always leave meets excited and determined
to improve my own swimming. I'm certain 
that the many children who attended
with their parents and coaches felt the same way.
They watched and hoped, knowing that with hard work
they may one day be able to swim in similar
water, to bring home medals of their own.
I'm affected, too, wanting to take
my own swimming to a better level.
However, no matter how hard I may work,
my own best efforts will always take about twice
the time these athletes achieve.
It must be the purple suits. I want one.


William Kendall said...

Great shots! The place looks terrific!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Speedway

Speedway said...

Thanks, William. There was a national diving meet the following week, with nary a peep of publicity. The whole thing was great, but I was glad to get my pool time back. I really do resent the attention gotten by the stick-and-ball sports; there isn't a person alive who can play football, basketball, or baseball much beyond their 30s, but one can swim, and compete, just about lifelong. So what's the big deal? I wonder whether those sports involve some sort of male bonding that men feel nostalgic for and want to regain.

Merry Christmas to you as well, 22bb. Are you and Siegmund well? I've been working for the past several weeks so have been unable to make our lunch times. Maybe in January.