Saturday, November 16, 2013

After the Concert

Friday night, after working at the symphony concert, 
I went to catch the bus home at the Federal Court building a block away.
The contrast between the worlds inside the concert hall on
Monument Circle and outside the court building could not have
been more pronounced.
The concert consisted of performances of pieces by
Debussy and Ravel and involved the Indianapolis Children's Choir,
which participated in Debussy's La Demoiselle elue 
and Nocturnes. The children of the ICC have purpose and direction
in their lives, with knowledgeable people to guide their paths,
while the children I see at night, just a block away, have no one to guide them,
no positive activities or people to show them a way out
of the danger that dogs their lives on a daily basis.

The children in the choir have their teachers and conductors,
while the children who observed this scene shown in
the top photo often have only the ill behavior like that
of the man being arrested as an example of "adult" behavior.

1 comment:

William Kendall said...

It's wonderful that these kids have that in their lives. It'll stay with them long after they've grown up, give a sense of direction for their lives until then. And Debussy and Ravel are both outstanding composers.

By contrast, that man's life must be profoundly sad. That shot speaks volumes.