Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Waiting for the Bus: At 8 a.m. and at 8 p.m.

Monday morning, I arrived downtown to catch a bus to work. 
 The top photo was taken outside the Federal Court 
BuildingI particularly enjoy the way the LED lights 
illuminate the columns of the court building. 
They seem caught in the middle of the complimentary 
scheme of the yellow globe lights and indigo sky.
After swimming at the Natatorium, I walked over
to Eskenazi Health to get the bus home.
At the stop, I looked over my shoulder to see, again,
that blue and yellow had conspired together, 
this time to cast their hues over a composition 
of rectangles and grids.

(Argh! My eyes must be deceiving me! This is my
one thousandth post for SPD!) 


dive said...

Congrats on your first thousand, Speedway!
A real doozy, too. Beautiful colours.

William Kendall said...

The federal court is indeed visually appealing, Speedway!

Congratulations on the milestone!