Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Art of Healing

As Eskenazi Health was being constructed and as its shape 
began to emerge, I wondered how the architects 
could possibly make a bunch of stacked boxes look interesting.
I needn't have worried because the designers have,
in essence, created frames for art work. For the main building,
an artist was commissioned who designed a facade
of vertical blue stripes, while another has adorned a second
segment with translucent flanges that reflect and diffuse 
the light as it changes throughout the day.
Yet a third fabricated an enameled steel installation 
for the parking garage that also plays with light and shadow,
changing with the time of day and as drivers pass by.

It is the same inside, where artwork serves to create 
an island of beauty and calm, one where the art of healing 
is practiced for the people of the community.


Gunn said...

I love the SKY photo, and I am easily fascinated by the work some architects create.

Nice composition!

William Kendall said...

The architects did fine work with this.

That sky shot's brilliant.