Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Work in Progress

When the new Eskenazi Hospital opened last December, 
the thing that stood out was the artistic use of color 
on the main buildings' surfaces. However, that creative use 
of material did not extend to the multi-level 
parking garage, which has had a very bare-bones
appearance to it. That is, it did until this past week, when
workers began installation of a series of dark blue,
yellow, and ocher metal panels on the south side
of the building. 

Facing Michigan Street, the segments are set at
varying angles, designed to change their appearance as the
sun moves across the sky. The photos were taken
Tuesday afternoon and show the project to be about 
one half to two-thirds complete.
When done, the installation will be stunning,
especially when the sunlight gives viewers the impression 
of constant movement of the yellow wall.


William Kendall said...

I do like that pattern... and the fact that the whole set changes through the day!

Feyza Ramazanoglu said...

I like the idea,
When it is finished it will look amazing. thank you

dive said...

Love it!

I am so going to steal that, Speedway. Expect it on one of my buildings soon.

Anonymous said...

If you do, dive, I hope you give the artist, whose conception this is, credit.

Anonymous said...

It is Margo Sawyer. "Visitors arriving from the parking garage are greeted in a corridor by “Synchronicity of Color,” rectangular panels painted by University of Texas art professor Margo Sawyer. To tie in with the city’s rich racing history, she used racecar paint on the panels that shift in color when looking at them from different angles."