Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Walk in the Winter Sun

The break in the weather gave me the opportunity 
to walk along the Central Canal, both to enjoy the sun 
and to take some pictures. At the end of the
canal, where the water enters the White River, I found
these grasses caught in a splendidly simple
arrangement on the wall, a russet leaf trapped
just so to balance the composition.
And below, at the edge of the river, a school
of carp swam in the current, fighting against it
to reach a quiet pool of water where
a meal could be had.
I could have watched those fish for hours,
their blue-gray bodies accented perfectly against 
the yellow clay mud beneath them.


William Kendall said...

Beautiful composition in these two shots. The carp particularly catch the eye.

dive said...

Perfect, Speedway.

22bb3f66-7671-11e3-bf04-000bcdcb471e said...

You even got a lucky penny!

Speedway said...

Ah, William, sometimes, no, usually things are just set up for me, inviting me to take a picture. This was one of those times - just sort of Japanese simple in layout.

Thanks, Dive. The grasses just happened to lie perfectly on the wall - just a few simple leaves, not a bunch. How much more perfect could it get? And by accident.

And the penny? Well, 22bb..., I saw the penny, thought about omitting it, but the circle seemed just right where it was. I left it there just for you to notice.