Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Winter of Our Pissed-Offedness

As snowy and cold as it was Friday night,
Monument Circle was almost vibrant with activity. 
When I left the Circle Theatre after the ISO Valentine's Day 
concert, I saw carriages lined up to take customers on 
horse-drawn tours of the downtown area. Young people who
had been at the movies and clubs were playing
in the snow, shouting happily as they tossed snowballs.
Cars were driving around the Circle to take in the
bright lights on the snow-draped buildings and statues.
Despite the weather, the carriage drivers did not seem
to lack for business. During the time I spent waiting 
for the bus home, I think I saw this group
of carriages at least three times.

Despite all that, Hoosiers are thoroughly tired 
of the snow. As I scanned their tickets, one man told 
me that he and his wife had driven for four hours 
to come to the concert - a trip that generally 
takes about ninety minutes. A man from
Noblesville - about twenty miles away, 
called his drive "a trip from Hell."
We are eagerly anticipating the warm-up
forecast for the coming week.

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William Kendall said...

The monument and the carriages look amazing in the night!