Saturday, February 1, 2014


Other than my home or the buses, the warmest place 
I spend any of my time is at the Natatorium.
I sit on a bench sketching or taking pictures of the 
swimmers as I wait for my toes to warm.
Pennants are hanging over the pools marking the 
last few feet before the walls. Reflected off the surface 
of the water, they create a sort of checkered pattern, 
reminding me of flags at the finish of the Indy 500,
appropriate to this auto racing city.  

I've been having trouble with my swimming lately, 
and don't feel I've been making much improvement.
This is probably due to losing so much practice 
time because of weather related cancellations.
Another reason is my use of small fins intended to
help improve one's kick. I decided to put them aside
the other night, something I knew I would 
have to do anyway, and lost about seven seconds
per length of the pool. Yes, the fins have been that much
of a crutch. I will need to work harder to regain 
the lost time and to get into the range where I was earlier.
It will probably help to get my weight loss
program back on schedule, as well.


William Kendall said...

The weather cancellations you can't do anything about, but just keep as much of a routine with the swimming as you can.

A terrific pair of shots.

dive said...

I'm sure that if a dolphin had to take off its fins it would suffer pretty much the same dip in performance. You're doing great, Speedway. keep it up; Spring is not far off and you can get back into a regular routine and those times will start to tumble.