Friday, February 14, 2014

I'm Looking for New Words

I just want to call you Baby.
Is there any other word 
to tell you how I feel?
I say your name and it
brings to life a million gentle dreams.
Just to speak it aloud is a betrayal 
of my feelings, so I call you Sir.
The smile in your blue eyes
is a gleaming star in a galaxy,
the only one I see in a sky deep and blue.
Like the water where I swim,
I want to sink into your embrace,
Twine, entwine you with my love
As I search for new words to call you -
But I'll always just want to call you Baby.


dive said...

Great song, Speedway. Add Smokey Robinson's "Oooh, Baby Baby" and you might just get a result.

Happy V-Day.

Speedway said...

I see why you like it, Dive. I love Smokey, too. When I put this together I was looking for a female voice, I guess because I'm one, and never thought about Smokey. Anyway, here 'tis -

William Kendall said...

A lovely heart, and a good choice of song.

The first baby that came to mind musically speaking would have been the song I Can't Give You Anything But Love Baby.

Anonymous said...

And I thought of "Pretty Baby" - dates me.

Speedway said...

"Pretty Baby" as sung by Dean Martin in the 1950s? Or Pretty Baby the movie?

But there's also "Rock-A-Bye Baby" which would date all of us, but it may be the first 'baby' song we heard.

Anonymous said...

Pretty Baby, the song from 1916 (or possibly 1912) - yes, Dean Martin did it, too. Not the movie.