Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Bit of Color

The seasons each have their own beauties, 
described by colors that provide appropriate 
views of the landscape and weather.
Safe to say, there are no bright tropical schemes
to be seen anywhere in Indiana, other than in magazines
and on billboards. The dilapidated rose hips shown
above were the most vivid accents amid the tans, grays, 
and mauves of the surrounding vegetation.

The unaccustomed amount of snowfall and 
frigid air has made people more than a little peevish
and grumpy, eager for a break in the weather.
The temperatures have improved, making it seem as 
though the worst of winter's onslaught has passed. 
It should be that way because we're now two-thirds 
of the way through the season. As the planet tips more and 
more towards the sun, people lean a little southward 
to assist with the tilt.