Monday, February 17, 2014


This is my cat, Taylor, grooming herself 
in the morning sun. (Bleh!) She came to me three years
ago last December, filthy, abused, and frightened.
I'd gotten my previous cats when they were kittens. 
This is the first that came to me grown,
with a history that was unknown, one that would
need to be sort of torn down to rebuild her confidence.
It was several months before she would not run 
to hide under the bed for what seemed 
like days, every time someone stomped 
their feet on the stairs in the hall.

She's not a lap cat, really, but is sitting on my lap
as I type, watching the letters for this post
appear on the screen. I think she started
this because the floors have been so cold this winter.
Generally, she will lie a few feet away, curled up 
in the window or on the floor by a bookcase.
But the winter has broken down one of
her defenses, and she is now a lap cat,
warming her toes on her human's lap. 


Inna Cleanbergen said...

Amazing photo.

William Kendall said...

Taylor's a beauty.

My parents had one that came from a bad background... she was very, very skittish with people, and would hide for hours when strangers came to the house. She was fine with my mother, and in the last couple of years of her life, she finally warmed up to Dad, who was never much of a cat person, but got to like her.

Speedway said...

Taylor was filthy and very thin when she was found, out in an ice storm, trying to get inside, well, anyplace. I was meant just to foster her, but kept her because I couldn't bear to have her passed from person to person. She's a lean, lanky cat, made of from God's spare parts bin ("Oh, I need a tail for this one! I guess this plume-y lookin' one will do.").

Gunn said...

You are lucky to have Taylor.
Cute cat!:)