Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Affordable Delicacy

I love this stuff.
The interplay of delicate light and 
shadowy forms holds my attention. 
Whenever I see one of industrial designer 
Tord Boontje's creations, I want to look 
at it forever. I don't know whether 
I first saw a big book devoted to his work, or
a large, lacy curtain made out of Tyvek, 
but his stuff ranges from vases, to textiles, 
to lighting and furniture. I wanted one of the curtains
to hang in a window of my boat, so I could
watch how the reflections off the river interacted
with the tracery of the curtain.
And it's affordable!
Heck, he's even created a line
for Target!


William Kendall said...

Both shots have a mesmerizing kind of effect.

Speedway said...

Did you see the lights shown in the links I included, William? They are mesmerizing! One would spend all their time looking at the flowery shadows.