Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tord the Lights

As a rule, it seems to me that people like 
the little twinkling lights used to trim Christmas trees, 
so much so the lights are left up well beyond the holidays. 
Years ago, the lights used as a part of outdoor 
holiday decor around downtown Indy have become 
permanent fixtures in the trees lining the streets. 
They light the sidewalks, adding a bit 
to pedestrian security.
 Not that that has anything to do with Tord Boontje's
lighting projects, but I find the crystal branch
shown above reminiscent of the trees lining the
Ohio Street near Monument Circle.
This chandelier, called Night Blossom
created in 2002 for Swarovski, 
has flashing LED lights next to the crystals. 
In addition to the one shown above,
another one was wall-mounted.

Unfortunately, I've lost the notes 
related to this fixture. The decorative elements 
inside the shade seemed like the floral motifs 
found on ornately plastered ceilings 
or on porcelain dinnerware.

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William Kendall said...

I do like those decorative symbols inside the shade.