Monday, September 1, 2014

September Theme Day : Rust and Ruin

One would think that, since I usually always have 
my little camera with me, in either my tote 
or a pocket, that I would have a nice picture 
for today's monthly theme, Rust and Ruin.
I don't. 
I amble through my days, working a bit, 
swimming, taking pictures as the images 
present themselves, all in an effort to 
avoid some degree of my own "rust and ruin."
So here is a rain-soaked ground light,
missing its stainless steel rim. 
Filled with water and debris, the light's
rust-colored seal does it's best to keep 
the light from shorting out.
Or, um, from going to ruin, as it were.

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William Kendall said...

I like the attention to detail.

wilf said...

Great detail and beautifl colors.