Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunny on a Cold Day

The little cacti, sitting on the window sill 
of a downtown office, seemed to smile at the morning sun. 
They and their colorful pots contrasted brightly
with the bare branches and moribund 
flowers, brown in their beds just outside the window. 


William Kendall said...

Rather cheerful. Cacti are probably the only plant I could be trusted with to keep alive.

Speedway said...

On my way into town, there's a yard that has a bed of cacti for lawn cover. It's the round, flat stuff. You'd have thought the blizzards and sometime deep freezes would've killed it off long ago, but no. Winter, summer, it's there.

Anonymous said...

*What* are the little cacti setting on that windowsill? From what I can see, they are just sitting there.
William, I can even kill cactus....

Speedway said...

OK, it's fixed, Pi.