Sunday, January 5, 2014

Peppermint Fire

I had broken several slender candy canes into short pieces 
then eaten them from an old bowl as I sat at my computer.
It was then I noticed the scalloped sunlight
casting a little fire onto my note pad.
Folks in the Midwest are hunkered down
in expectation of a winter storm bringing heavy snow
and temperatures below zero degrees.
The lines at the grocery were long this afternoon
when I walked over to pick up a supply
of milk, bread and cereal. I also looked for some
post-Christmas peppermint sticks, but other 
people apparently had the same idea 
as there were no more to be had.


dive said...

So candy canes are the essential staple of mid-western food when stuck in snowstorms?
Sounds like my kinda place.

Stay warm, Speedway.

Speedway said...

Well, they are for me, Dive. I am now bereft of peppermint sticks as so many others had the same idea. Damn.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Speedway. I have so many that I will not be eating, but 12 inches of snow, high winds and a wind chill expected to -38 F coupled with a travel warning, will keep me from delivering any. I think a peppermint stick run does not constitute emergency travel...

Speedway said...

22bb etc - I am eating everything in the house because I do NOT have any peppermint sticks, ice cream, chips or cola. The past few days of the cold snap has kept me hungry even though I've only been eating stuff that's good for me. 'Splain-ation needed? I guess I need to keep moving to keep myself from eating because of boredom - drawing, painting and writing is just not enough.

William Kendall said...

A lovely image!