Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Too Cold

There's a wind chill warning over much of the country 
tonight, with temps expected to be the equivalent 
of -40 degrees F through early Wednesday. 
At 11:15 PM, the temperature is -2 degrees with 
wind temp of -20. While some people may 
scoff, this is unusual for us as most of us do not have
clothing appropriate for these conditions.

And I miss my swimming. I miss my coach and the
people who join me in the pool for our practice sessions
three or four times a week. My body has become 
accustomed to the exercise and needs to
be moving. Maybe Wednesday.

As police and other workers are patrolling 
the streets, looking for persons with stalled cars
and homeless people to get them to warm shelters,
I am fortunate to have my own warm apartment,
blankets, and food for myself, my cat, 
and my turtle and to only worry about missing
practices instead of lying in the cold streets. 


William Kendall said...

I can still get in my swimming, but I'm very close to the pool from my place.

This kind of weather, it's all about dressing in layers.

Speedway said...

Many practices have been cancelled, William, because they are held at schools that are closed because of the cold or due to conflicting events.

While I could get to practice where I swim, the public transport is unreliable. I can't be certain they will arrive at the scheduled time. While I do dress in layers, I don't want to be standing outside longer than a few minutes because there there is danger of frostbite in as little as 10 minutes.

I expect to return tomorrow evening, when there is less danger of exposure from the cold.