Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tiny Bubbles

I'd rather be swimming ... or out taking pictures, 
but however clear and blue the sky, the temperatures 
have dropped into the 'teens, and the flag across the street is 
held out nearly straight by the wind.
So here are a couple SPD photos of sketches
I've been working on, impressions of what
I see when I am swimming. I've thought of borrowing
an underwater camera, but I think I would lose
the feeling of what I see when I'm in the pool.

One morning, a coach was working with me
on my stroke, asking me to turn to the side when I breathed,
making certain I kept my head down.
Well, I did just that and what I saw was beautiful!
There was the splash and flow of disrupted water
flowing past my goggles, with the man-made shapes
of the lane markers in the background.
And that was my left eye! In my right,
I saw calmer water, with people in adjacent
lanes swimming by, the water apparently disturbed 
only by the fan-like swarms of tiny bubbles made by their
feet as they kicked. Of course, the trick is to get
both into my drawing/painting efforts. Meh.

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