Sunday, April 27, 2014

Elevator Art

When the Eskenazi Hospital was in the planning stages, 
one of the first goals was to include artwork 
in the environment wherever possible. 
Using as their premise that art provides a healing, 
atmosphere for patients and their families, 
as well as the hospital staff, interesting installations 
seem to be found around every corner (and I haven't 
been beyond the front lobby!).

This interesting installation is located
in the hall of one of the elevator banks.
 The wall, which is made from cut and etched glass, 
has a sensor in the middle that seems 
to pick up the presence of a person, or persons, 
causing LEDs to illuminate portions of 
the wall. When I put a hand over the sensor, 
the entire wall lit up. 

The installation is continued on other floors, 
while the neighboring elevator bank has a theme
depicting trees. I will have to return another 
time to find out how that particular 
installation has been configured.

1 comment:

William Kendall said...

That I like tremendously. Even if not lit up, the patterns are beautiful.