Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Well ... Hell

All my pictures are gone. Every damn one, other than for the few 
I've taken over the past few days. After being off-line for over a month,
I was glad to see my PC repaired and returned with its programs
and my image files intact. However, I must have done something disastrous
over the weekend because there was nothing but my desktop
on Monday morning. I was virtually compelled to re-install my Windows and,
after doing so, everything was gone, even my favorite picture I was
using for my desktop. I have saved a lot of the photos on an external drive,
but there were still thousands of images I was using
for my blog and to build my little exhibit. Those are all lost.
So ... I guess I'm stuck re-installing and re-building.


Mike Nice said...

Sorry to hear this - it's very hard to lose so much artwork.

Just a thought: the photos *might* still be there under the first desktop or user account in Windows.

Speedway said...

Thanks for your sympathy, Mike. A few minutes ago, I spoke with the Tech who worked on my tower. An artist/photographer himself, he commiserated with me over my loss, even as he thought my ignorance to have lost my stuff a really, really stupid blunder. He did give me the info to download a program to possibly search for and restore my picture files, the same one he used to recover an entire portfolio of his own work. If it works, fantatic. If not, oh well, my bad.

William Kendall said...

Hopefully it's not gone forever.

Linda said...

Ow! I feel for you... hope you can get them back.