Saturday, April 26, 2014


A couple days ago, I told a friend that I'd spent 
the afternoon going through nearly 2,400 e-mails 
and downloaded about 350 images 
from my camera, all amassed 
during the time my computer was down.
The volume of e-mail didn't faze him, but he wondered
what I took pictures of, that I could have so many.
"Oh, flowers, buildings, just about anything
that catches my eye," I responded.
"Flowers? What flowers? There's been no spring!"
he said. I just laughed. All of us have felt the drag
of what seemed like an interminable winter.
It's been a real relief these past couple weeks
to finally see buds and bits of color emerge
from our somber surroundings.
I stood on the corner last Saturday, waiting for
the bus that would take me to my swimming session,
when I looked up to see these pink buds.
I was looking for something, anything, and found
these right above my head.
Then, of course, something else caught
my attention "Squirrel!" and I was 
off on another little mission. :-)


lin said...

You're back!!

William Kendall said...

They're lovely early buds. We're finally seeing some of the same here.