Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bummer: Swimmers ...

 ... Beached.

It doesn't look it, but the water in this section 
of the Riviera Club pool is three feet deep.
When I got off the bus at the club's entrance, I felt
light raindrops on my face. I looked west,
towards the Speedway area and the clouds were
dark, filled with rain. I remembered "Indy 500"
telecasts from years ago, when the announcers would
have occasion to say, "It's raining in Terre Haute,"
about 70 miles away, and know we had about 
an hour before the front reached us.

Saturday morning, as I walked up the drive,
the clouds were in Speedway, only about 
five minutes from the pool. The shower 
turned into a nice thunderstorm, 
trapping about a dozen people,
who're not ordinarily averse to being wet,
under the veranda, away from flashes of lightning
and thunder. For about an hour folks chatted, then went 
their separate ways, some to find an indoor pool, 
others to wait until Monday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Bummer. But that first picture is fantastic, so you used your time well.
We were out walking on the Monon Greenway when the storm approached, just reaching shelter of the MCC when it cut loose. By 9 am, however, the sky was blue, the sun was out and outdoor activities were possible until nightfall.

Speedway said...

Yeah, we were there for about an hour, enough for the thunder and lightning to pass, but light showers remained. Rivi's lifeguards had diappeared into the clubhouse maze. Eh, there'll be another day, another practice. Monday evening.

William Kendall said...

I always recall swimming in rain just wasn't much fun.