Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cy Twombly in Downtown Indy

The textures and muted shades of concrete and brick
on a downtown building reminded me 
of Cy Twombly drawings. For whatever reason,
I can gaze at the artist's drawings for long periods of time,
lost in the lines and scratches evoking long-lost
civilizations and mythologies.
The rebar emerging from the concrete walls 
of this old buildingand the graffiti below seemed 
to echo some of Twombly's interests. 
I stood there a good while, gazing at the wall, 
its textures, and subtle changes in tone. 
In a time when every imperfection is screeded
over by a coating of scratchy taupe stucco,
this wall was a visual delight.

Cy Twombly. Untitled. 1964/84. Oil stick, wax crayon, and
graphite on canvas. 80-1/2 x 98-1/4 ins.  Whitney Museum of Art

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