Monday, July 7, 2014

Independence Day: A Walk In An Armed Camp

I saw this display as I was on my way home 
from work and went back on Independence Day 
for a picture. Given the area where I live, 
I'm not at all certain the man who put up this flag 
and I would agree on anything except 
that this country is in distress.

Yesterday, the city of Indianapolis lost another policeman, 
a twenty-two year veteran, when he was shot 
with a semi-automatic weapon by a known felon;
bullets from the gun were so powerful they 
ripped through the officer's vest. This is the third man 
killed in the line of duty and the eighth shot 
in the past eighteen months. ER docs, who tend to
the victims of these crimes, see this as a major
public health crisis.

On the one hand, you have an entire culture of 
villains with access to firearms who use them at the 
slightest provocation. Friday night, seven people were shot
when one man became upset when another man
bumped into him. On other occasions, police will go
to the site of a reported shooting to find no 
victims, but they will find a great number of shell
casings. It's as though it's evidence of
premature ejaculation, with the casings the
spendings from a violent ecstasy spread
all over the sordid alleyways.

And then there are the other idiots, the ones
who insist on their right to bear arms, as designated
by the Second Amendment. Well, that's another
fantasy, with those folks thinking their right to carry
a weapon will automatically render them safe
from harm. Hell, if they were to be attacked by a robber,
they'd be dead on the ground before they could draw
their own penile extension. In those cases, the attacker
would already have their weapon drawn,
meaning the "victim" would virtually have to walk
around with his gun in his hand and -- there you
have it, another idiot showing his dick.

In between, there are the normal, every day folk
who just try to go about their business
while walking between these two armed camps.
It is an appalling reality, with the flowers
and beauty of the season stained with blood
and intractable stupidity all around.



Anonymous said...

You got that right.

William Kendall said...

It saddens me that those who speak so strongly of the Second Amendment fail to grasp the part that mentions "well regulated". The Founding Fathers, I expect, would be horrified by the rhetoric of the NRA or the Open Carry movement.

And for all their talk of "one good man with a gun" stopping a bad guy with a gun, what's to stop that good man with a gun from having a bad day?

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that the good man with the gun often winds up dead, as happened to the police officer last weekend here in Indianapolis. His assailant is in the hospital with critical wounds and a murder charge, but that will not bring back the good man with 22 years of service on the police force.