Thursday, November 20, 2014

Art in Speedway: John Dowell

These leaves had fallen from a nearby bush.
Their arrangement in the snow, along with 
the bits of colored grasses and shadows, reminded me 
of drawings and paintings by John Dowell,
a contemporary artist from Philadelphia, whose
drawings deal as much with the effect of
negative space as they do with the actual marks.
Every line, shadow, and bit of texture
is considered in relation to the others, and how
they affect the overall space.
John was one of my college profs,
whose work enchanted me from the first
time I saw a suite of his lithographs.
He seemed so wise and "together"
to me even then, despite the fact he is
only four years older.

This is one of John Dowell's watercolor drawings,
Just a Sign of Soul, done in 1975. It is in the
collection of the Indiana University Art Museum. 

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