Monday, November 24, 2014

Colors on a Gray Day

Just over a year ago, I stood at the edge 
of the Natatorium pool, preparing for swim practice,
when I noticed the prisms of color spreading 
from the edges of the lane stripes.
They are a constant, changing with the flow of the water,
undulating and pulsing colored light.
I've taken pictures and made drawings as
I search for a way to bring their beauty to life
on canvas. This search adds movement
to the drawings of the swimmers,
although what interests me most is the
movement of the water over 
and around their bodies;
it's interesting to see the distortions
the moving water makes as an underwater 
swimmer pushes off the wall.
And so, on this gray day, as the breezes
gust through now barren trees,
I find color and comfort in the water
as I watch and swim in the "concrete box."

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