Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Unexpected Art: Just a Little Crazy

On Monday, I used the elevator at Herron School 
of Art and found it to be padded.
Just what I need, my own secure, padded room.

In September, I encountered a problem
with my apartment that needed six weeks to resolve.
It was depressing and humiliating.
Now the cold weather has hit and the furnace
will not turn on. I like to keep it fairly
cool in here, but when the thermostat went
from its usual 65 degrees to 61, then 59,
I knew for certain my own efforts to lower
heating costs were not at play.
Like last winter, I think the igniter on the pilot
light is faulty. The repairman should be here today.
We'll see. Then the hot water tap on the shower
would not turn off, needing new seats and washers.
That's the third time this year for that problem.
It's fixed now, as of a few minutes ago.

The job I usually work on this time of year has been
cancelled because the employer for the project
lost the contract. I applied for unemployment benefits,
but I've yet to receive the debit card to access
those funds. So ... things are dicey.

The only sane, positive part of my day
has been the anchor provided by swim practice.
It's the only place I want to be right now, where 
I can submerge and work out my frustrations,
where my worries float away.

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William Kendall said...

I hope things get sorted out for you quickly.