Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Frosted Edges

The sun's out. Yippee. 
That's as far as it goes because there 
is a windchill warning for our area, 
in effect until tomorrow.
I don't like being cold, so remain
under my favorite blankie
until I absolutely need to go outside.
I want to go to swim practice
this evening, but with temps expected
to be the equivalent of  -20 F degrees
this evening, I don't want to be
stuck at the bus stop afterward, with no 
place to go if the bus is late. 
My coach had me swim for about 75
minutes last night, a slow, pokey 1800 meters.
 I was so happy to not be stuck swimming 
in circles and look forward to the next session. 
It took forever to get my feet warmed up 
when I got home, though, and I've just 
gotten over a cold. We'll see.


Stefan Jansson said...

That is -20C. Stay warm.

Speedway said...

It may be -20C degrees where you are and I truly sympathize. Not nearly as cold as you get, but enough for me. It is -20F degrees wind chill here, with no place nearby to wait for the buses. So I stay home.

William Kendall said...

Best to hold off a couple of days, particularly since there's no proper bus shelters. In temps that cold, waiting in one place anyway makes you all the colder.

I like the colours of those frosted berries.