Sunday, January 11, 2015

Waiting for the Ice Storm

I finally crept out of my burrow this afternoon 
to go to the store for some milk, popcorn, and a cheap pizza, 
stuff intended to tide me over until tomorrow, 
when I'll make a more massive assault 
on my grocery budget. A lot of people had the same
notion because the lines at check-out showed
that pre-blizzard frenzy had set in.
For days, it's been miserably cold, with sub-zero
temps and wind chill forcing people, like me,
to dig deep into their larder, until all that was left
was a jar of sauerkraut and a tin of sardines.
The weather was not as cold and people came out
to go get their own provisions before the
icy rain started. Milk, bread, and stick-to-your ribs
goodies were the order of the day.
Then everyone went home to watch the 
football game, Colts vs Broncos.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you got out and back before the sidewalks turned into skating rinks. The Colts won - half-price pizza for dinner tomorrow :-)

William Kendall said...

Lovely shots, and definitely not weather you want to be going out into!

Speedway said...

Hell, yeah, the Colts won. I kept thinking that the Broncos would mount their assault in the 2nd half, but it wasn't to be. Our guys were healthy and working together well yesterday and, better yet, they seemed to be performing w/i themselves, not leaving their next game on the Denver field. Let's just hope that Brady has a screaming fight with Giselle next week - or not- depending on whether he's distracted by that or more focused. >:-/

The weather was half-way decent for a gray winter day. Definitely tolerable. The rain was misting as I walked home. I could hear little plip sounds as it hit my coat collar.