Monday, January 5, 2015


There are five or six of these at the corner 
of Pennsylvania and Ohio Streets,
each covering some sort of masonry project 
at the entry to the building.
What these holes are to become, I've no idea, 
but there has been structure added where there 
were formerly only the granite pavers. 
I can't believe all that work has been done, 
only to have hand-lettered signs.


Julie said...

Well, they are probably going to put a plant thingee in the masonry thingee, and then relabel the plank "pot hole".

Speedway said...

Yes! Of course! How could it be anything else BUT a pot hole?

Speedway said...

Will they try to put round things in the square holes?

William Kendall said...

Perhaps a sculptural installation, I would think.