Saturday, August 15, 2015

Home Remodeling

Friday, I went to a mid-morning swim practice 
at the Natatorium. Somewhere in the back 
of my pea-brain, I'd expected we'd be using 
the main competition pool. 
After all, it had been used for the 
YMCA Long Course Championships 
just the week before, right?
I was surprised to see the lane lines loosened 
and floating in the pool like a necklace 
of beads, thrown down after a night of hard partying.
What? No men in Speedos?
Instead, workmen with jackhammers were hard 
at work, tearing up the remaining sections of tiled 
deck that hadn't yet been replaced.
We used the instruction pool to the north
that is separated from the competition pool
by a long glass wall. It kept out most of the sound
of the jackhammers - until one put one's
head in the water, where it echoed for the entire
time I was in the water. Overall, though,
it was a quiet place, with just the sound of
Coach Craig's voice as he gave instruction
to the swimmers.

I've missed my home. Last week was like meeting 
an old friend on the street and today's swim
was working towards a reunion, one that I am 
looking forward to this November, after the current 
phase of remodeling is complete.


lin said...

Honestly, Sara, you create the pictures with words as well as with the photograph-- I keep thinking you are a poet-- but it's prose....

William Kendall said...

Jackhammers... a noise that really drives me nuts!