Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Theme Day: Bicycles

I was wondering what sort of pictures I would 
use to illustrate today's theme.
Unlike more sophisticated/progressive cities 
the world over, Indianapolis has only, in recent years, 
begun to urge people to commute to work and 
to do their errands using bicycles as a convenient, 
environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

That has started to change in dramatic fashion,
as many of the city's streets now have
bike lanes, and the city buses are all equipped
with bike racks to aid people who both
ride the bus and use their bikes to commute.

On Saturday, today, the 8th Annual Mass Ave Criterium 
was held. Utilizing a street course 
laid out in the neighborhood just northeast of 
downtown Indy, the MAC is a cycling event made up 
of timed races for riders of various categories of experience 
and ages, male and female. (As I type this,
the Men's Pro 90-minute race has just started.)

While it's a joy to see so many lean, fit people,
I find the sport about as interesting as some folks 
find drying paint. However, entire families showed up,
both to compete and/or to watch the races.
The little girl above was accompanying her father,
attached to his bike on a sort of third wheel,
while the father below brought his son and daughter
to watch the races.

Earlier this year, the city also initiated a system 
of bicycle rental kiosks. Yeah, yeah, while this is popular
in other countries, Indy has been slow to adapt, 
but the people have not. The bicycles have proved 
to be very popular with both citizens and visitors alike; 
I often pass by kiosks that are virtually empty of bicycles 
as they have all been taken for use.

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Kate said...

Lots of varied photos for the theme. Races may not be exciting to watch, but people watching is terrific.

Shantaram said...

Racing in Speedway today, on the Tour de France tomorrow :) Lots of action!!

Julie said...

Without my camera, I am sure I would find cycling like watching grass grow, too. But as both you and Kate say, it is the people watching that attracts me the most.

William Kendall said...

A good selection of shots. The first one really stands out well as an action shot.