Sunday, August 16, 2015

I Love These Guys

I can't walk across the old Washington Street Bridge
without craning my neck to see what may 
be lingering on the driftwood caught on one 
of the bridge's piers. Friday found these turtles basking
in the noontime sun. All heads pointed in the same direction,
these soft-shelled guys shared space with
red-eared turtles. About forty-five minutes later,
I came back to find the sun party had
gotten larger ...

... and even more were trying to find 
their own place in the crowd.

I love these guys and could have watched tham
all day. There don't seem to be "antics"
as such, just a bunch of reptiles enjoying
the seasonal warmth on any handy tree snag,
laboriously climbing up to join the rest
of the river gang, dozing, then maybe falling off
to begin the process over again.
After all, falling off the log is easy,
finding one's place on it is not.

1 comment:

William Kendall said...

Quite a crowd! There's a pond linked to the Rideau Canal here that has a number of them. They'll sun themselves on floating platforms that have been placed in the pond.