Monday, August 3, 2015

Indy Canal Sharkfest ... Better Late Than, Well, You Know

Sunday afternoon, I went to a meeting at the Natatorium.
While there, one of the organizers commented 
on the Central Canal, and asked whether or not 
swimming in it was allowed.
The woman was from North Carolina and
was fascinated with the idea of swimming its length.
Another IAM member who was present 
and I told her that, other than for sanctioned events,  
swimming is not allowed. So far, there have 
been two swims, with a third scheduled 
as the initial leg of a triathlon. 

These pictures are from the inaugural Indy Sharkfest 
Canal Swim, held last Saturday, July 25.
The top photo was taken just after the start of
the 1500-meter race at the Ohio Street
basin, across the street from the Indiana Historical
Society. Participants swam north that morning, to finish
at the 11th Street basin, just below Buggs Temple

The Canal, a part of the White River State Park,
is a popular destination for residents and visitors alike,
providing a tree-lined, easy connection between 
the downtown area and museums. 
The gondolas live under the Michigan Street
bridge when they are not being used to give visitors
rides along the Canal's beautiful length.

P.S., The only sharks to be found in the Canal
are goldfish, some of whom were hired to tie little
shark fins to their backs and nibble the toes
to encourage the slower swimmers.


William Kendall said...

I can see that being a fun event!

Anonymous said...

Weren't you going to be swimming in that? Now I see you photographing...

Speedway said...

Yes, William it was fun! So much fun that I swam two events w/i the week (Place snarky laugh here.) The first was the Poseidon race at 2K, in which I got an award for finishing 1st in my age group (we won't say that I was the only woman in my age group.) The following week were the Sharkfest swims, the first at 1500 meters and the second at 501 meters.

Yes, 22bb,etc, I did swim. The above photos were of the 1500 meter race. I participated in the 501 meter race held afterward.