Sunday, March 13, 2016

It's Always Something

I try to always have my little camera with me. 
When it's been left at home on the counter, 
I've always regretted it. There's usually something
that crosses my line of sight I wished
I'd had it in my pocket.
Yesterday was no different.
I was on my way to the store when I saw
these cherry-like berries against
the light gray background of the 
churchyard where they live.
They seemed like drawings to me,
scraggly thick and thin lines
defining the space in which they exist.
And triangles.
Lots of triangles. 

In a way, they reminded me of drawings 
and prints by John Dowell, one of my college professors.
I remember the time he showed his portfolio
to a batch of interested students.
It was a suite of lithographs he'd produced
for his MFA thesis. Based on the theme
of the gradual opening of a triangle, his words
and work has stuck with me for nearly
fifty years. I thought of him when 
I took these little snaps.
One of his drawings, Just A Sign of Soul,
is shown below. I love it. Of course.

1 comment:

William Kendall said...

I do like the way you've composed these shots!