Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Theme Day: Where I Belong

I love the smell of chlorine in the morning.
Practices at the IUPUI Natatorium were cancelled 
because the Indiana High Shool Athletic Association 
was holding the Boys' State Championships 
this past weekend. Instead of swimming 
I volunteered to be an usher.

 Just like last week at the girls' championships, 
I was happy to be in the building, sharing 
familiar smells and sounds with thousands 
of participants and observers.
The boys passed time in the company 
of their team-mates, warming up in
the pool, chatting, and playing card games,

The sounds of cheering echoed from the roof 
of the Nat, as rhythmic sounds 
of the swimmers' kicking added a subtle
background line to the competition.
I wish that sound could be miked and
played during telecasts. Added to the way the 
water feels as the swimmer's arms pull
against it, and the way it looks as it rushes by
one's goggles, people might get
some understanding of the pleasure
one feels as one gets stronger
and more confident.
And feeling this is where I belong.


William Kendall said...

I assumed swimming would probably factor into your choice for the theme! Well done.

Speedway said...

Well, William, what can I say but ... :-)

LuiZ FernandoS said...

The colors in the first photo are great!